Pastor Jason & Liz Lozano  

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After growing up in a broken home, abandoned by his biological father and abused by his step-father, Pastor Jason Lozano never imagined that one day he would be completely restored and healed from the wounds of his childhood and multiple drug addictions. However, that all changed in the early 1990s when he attended a Christian concert while high on drugs. Miraculously, Jason immediately sobered up as the presence of God overtook him, and he ran forward toward the stage to receive Jesus Christ in his heart without hesitation.

A few years later Jason responded to God’s calling on his life when he heard God's voice speaking to him to reach the broken and the lost. He began evangelizing and leading young men and women’s groups throughout the Los Angeles area. Since that time, his life has never been the same and the reach of his ministry has only grown.

Freedom Christian Center (FCC) was born in a small art studio in Uptown Whittier, CA, and it quickly expanded to the present two facilities he and his beautiful wife and co-pastor, Elizabeth, pastor in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and Norwalk, CA. God has moved at FCC in amazing ways. In 2016 alone, two hundred and forty small groups were launched, with approximately 1,450 people attending weekly. With Discipleship a focus, FCC has a total of 800 students in our Lifestyle of Freedom/ Bible College program. With a membership of 3,000 strong, outreach remains a focus of the church and last year there were 1,780 first time visitors, 875 commitments to salvation, and 577 baptisms! In addition to local outreach efforts, Pastors Jason and Liz reach a global audience through through the broadcast program "A Lifestyle of Freedom" airing on TBN Salsa & Uplift TV on Direct TV, ministering to over 50 million homes eight times per week. In fact, so bountiful have the Lord’s blessings been, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez honored Pastor Lozano with the 2016 NHCLC Pastor of the Year award.

Spiritual development and discipleship is the key focus of Pastor Lozano’s ministry. His desire is to see the character of Christ formed in all church members, and his ministry empowers and equips people for Christian leadership through a well-defined curriculum emphasizing salvation, establishment, discipleship, and multiplication. The goal is to raise an army who will stand before the Pharaohs of this world and boldly proclaim, “Let my people go!”.

Pastor Jason Lozano’s relentless passion to reach the brokenhearted continues to be directed toward reaching the lost in the underserved communities of Los Angeles. He envisions a day not far off when there are “Freedom” campuses spread throughout the L.A. metro area and “Freedom” church plants are being launched all across the world, spreading the vision of FCC: bringing God’s freedom to this generation.