Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Heb 11: 1

Learn the fundamentals of fruitfulness and multiplication by internalizing the vision of Freedom. 


faith for fruitfulness and multiplication


In this message, we learn our Faith will grow as strong as we allow it to grow, and Faith to be fruitful and to multiply come from a deep desire.


internalization of freedom 


In this message we learn that faith works when it has a clear vision, how to visualize the vision, and that we must own and strengthen the vision inside of us. 


Following the Faith


In this message, we learn the importance of being strengthened in the Presence of God, and how to develop a strong Spirit of Faith to overcome to tricks of the enemy.


the year of peace, prosperity, and multiplication


In this message, we learn about how the Blessing of the Lord on 2017 will bring peace, prosperity, and multiplication. We also learn that the fight of Faith bring the Blessing, and how to stay in peace.


stir yourself up


In this message, we learn about the power of the anointing, and how Prosperity follows Wisdom. Also, we learn that we must be submitted to our leadership, and not to lean on our own understanding.


3 principles to effective leadership


In this message, we will be learning how to be Faithful with the little that God has entrusted to us, how to envision the 12 disciples within you, and why we should put a demand on Wisdom's supply.