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About Lifestyle of Freedom


About Lifestyle of Freedom


Lifestyle of Freedom is a program that is divided into two levels. Each level is drawn out into twelve-week periods that take every student through a process of strong biblical teachings. Both levels offer their own unique teachings that equip and empower our students as they progress deeper into their relationship with Christ.

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LOF Levels

LOF Levels


Level 1:


Lessons are based on topics providing students with a foundation on how to build a relationship with God beginning with the knowledge of their authority as a believer. You will learn how to equip yourself with the Word of God and walk in victory.


Level 2:

finding your freedom

This level will take the student through a series of teachings on how to break free from the chains of their past. Whether it is unhealthy behaviors, traumas or simple bad habits we target any area that can hinder a believers growth.


What To Expect LOF

What To Expect LOF



Encounters With God

We believe that our lives can experience powerful paradigm shifts through our personal encounters with God and His presence. Our LOF sessions are designed with this in mind. We believe that in these encounters, you will experience true freedom and peace from God. 

Spiritual Breakthrough

In your journey with God through Lifestyle of Freedom, you will begin to see yourself conquer things you never dreamed or imagined. Every step you take towards living a lifestyle of Freedom is a step towards God's perfect will for your life. Get ready to go from glory to glory and from faith to faith. 


Word of Faith Teachings

God's word boldly declares that faith comes by hearing. Every teaching in LOF is intended to build up your faith in every area of your life so that you may live in the commanded blessing of God. Our goal is to get the living Word inside of each student's hearts so it can create mountain moving faith.



$25 for Level 1 

$25 for Level 2 

Tuition includes your booklet & check in key card


You must be 12 years of age to begin


Bring a pen, a notebook, and an open heart

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Sign up lof

Sign up lof


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You can sign up for Lifestyle of Freedom below. You will be contacted directly by one of our representatives to confirm your registration. Please fill out all fields completely and thoroughly – applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. 


Youth Tuition Fee $15 For 12 Weeks

Adult Tuition Fee $25 For 12 Weeks

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