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On September 22nd we are uniting our faith for the future of Freedom. We’ll be coming together as the body of Christ to sow our seeds to God’s house. Together, we can continue to take care of God’s house, and build towards our future and the generations to come. Freely we have received the gift of Freedom, now freely we shall give.

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God supplies not only the vision, but the supernatural ability to walk by faith. Through Him, we can dream the unimaginable, and do the impossible. Wherever God guides, we know that He will also provide. We believe God is taking Freedom to greater heights.

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Our part is to be filled with faith for what's to come. Our part is to pray without ceasing for our community and for our nation. Our part is to spread the gospel of Jesus throughout the world and make disciples of all nations. Our part is to raise an army of leaders who will turn the world upside down for God.

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Your part is to see the vision, and to unite your faith with ours. Seek first the kingdom of God by putting your treasure and your heart in the same place. Simply ask God what He would have you sow in this Heart for the House, and give towards the future of Freedom in obedience and in expectation.

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