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p. bert pretorius


In this message, Pastor Bert shares on difference between walking in the Provision of God and walking in His Promise and Purpose.


P. John McMartin


In this message, Pastor John McMartin speaks about the Kingdom of God coming from Heaven to Earth. The key is realizing that the Kingdom of God is within you.


P. sergio de la mora


In this message, Pastor Sergio De La Mora speaks about becoming a break out leader and the four stages it takes to be one.


P. Charne Pretorius


In this message, Pastor Charne explains the purpose of opening and having a cell (Freedom Family Group) in your home, and details the steps needed to prepare yourself and the atmosphere for others to participate in an effective Freedom Family Group.


P. Neil Smith


In this message, Pastor Neil teaches us how to reach the nations through discipleship by standing with prominent and emerging leaders to influence decisions in different countries. We also learn that each one of us has a unique calling, and that when we are excellent in what we do, we give glory to God. 


P. Sergio De La Mora


In this message, Pastor Sergio teaches us that when all we do is what we've been told to do (the bare minimum), we are unprofitable to God. When we sacrifice in faith, our Faith grows and God sends the miracles. We must go from being a Believer to a Disciple to a Martyr by dying to our flesh and completely living for God.


p. Jason & dr. mark thomas


In this message, Pastor Jason teaches us the purpose of Heart for the House is to raise up a generation of Deliverers (God's answer to healing broken people). As we focus on the Leaders, the people will come. Dr. Mark Thomas explains how to tap into the supernatural Financial Dimension, which requires faith and a mature mind.


dr. mark Thomas (intro by p. Virginia)


In this message, Dr. Mark Thomas teaches us how to Understand the Mysteries of Supernatural Prosperity. There are certain Financial Principles (Prosperity Principles) that require some Wisdom to grab a hold of, but there is an anointing for them.


P. bert Pretorius


In this message, Pastor Bert teaches us that if we understood God's calling on our lives we would know our purpose in life and appreciate His investment (giving His Son). We would know nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, therefore, we can not lose.

dr. mark Thomas


In this message, Dr. Mark Thomas imparts a word on catching the spirit of multiplication for finances which works similar to the spirit of discipleship. The Glory of God is the multiplier, and our Faith is what cause the seed (money) to grow.


p. pearson Pretorius/message and q&a


In this message, Pastor Pearson Pretorius teaches us how to get to a place where Disciples are multiplying by focusing on the Word and getting people saved through Jesus Christ, not the motions of administering Church.


p. pearson Pretorius


In this message, Pastor Pearson Pretorius explains that God wants to bring the Spirit of Conquest and Deliverance into our lives, and how it requires us to have a heart for other people.