Learn what it means to take authority over your circumstances through faith and prayer. 


Weapons of breakthrough


In this message, we learn about three weapons that are needed in order to cause breakthrough. These weapons allow us to conquer first in the spirit so we can then conquer in the natural.

authority in your prayer


In this message, we learn to take authority in the Spirit over the things happening in our families, in our homes, and over what's about to take place in our lives. We must be earnest in our prayers.


the name of jesus-in my name they will cast out demons


In this message we will be learn that the enemy has been defeated and that we have been given authority in the Name of Jesus to bring Freedom from demonic bondage.


the name of jesus pt.2


In the message we learn about the commission of Family Group Leader: the purpose for Leaders being multiplied, the prerequisite to the anointing of oil – Separation to God, and how the anointing must be received by Faith


how to use the name of jesus


In this message, we learn what it means to ask for anything, and how we are more than conquerors in the mighty name of Jesus.


Authority In the name of jesus


In this message we learn about our God-given legal right to use the authority in the Name of Jesus, that each believer must get this revelation, and how to use His name.